1 Hour Solution to Any Problem

I’ve found it useful to take baby steps when solving some seemingly huge (or ugly) problem. Decide and schedule yourself to work on this specific ugly task for a one hour per day. I know it’s easy to do something more fun than doing the hideous task – but make a conscious decision: decide that you won’t check email before you have done that one daily hour. Don’t watch TV, don’t visit those nice discussion forums you usually do, don’t allow yourself to do any nice thing you usually do – until you have took action for at least one hour.

For me this kind of attitude releases pressure – I know the task will be done some day, and I know I will get to do fun stuff after handling this. As Chinese say it: “A Journey of thousand li* begins with a single step.”

*In case you are interested, one li is about 500 meters

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Game in 1 hour? You would need…. a terrific framework, lots of experience using that kit, luck, good design, very – very – simple game… and work fast without making errors.

    I managed to code the Assassin mode to the Edoiki game in just few hours (After spending couple of years learning and doing and one year learning more and doing the framework).

    Best way to program that game in “one hour” is just to do one hour… and then repeat until game is ready. You need more attitude than tools. (Tools are easy to get – try devmaster.net for example – it’s the attitude part that causes problems…)

  2. Hi my name is Connor and i would like to make a game in 1 hour what do i do i need a program plz if anyone will show me

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