How to Build a Successful Game Business?

Building a successful game business takes time. For people who want to build business I believe there’s a formula of Success.

Ingredient #1: Find out how successful game developers have made their success.

Ingredient #2: Copy that success pattern and repeat it.

It sounds simple, but I believe it takes lot of time, nerves, skills, knowledge and numerous other elements to reach the target. Even if it’s simple it doesn’t mean it would be easy.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @eelke

    speaking of same boring storylines in movies and games = you didnt
    noticed that people actualy want more of them ??? after years and years
    of brainwashing with same content most people became addicted to that
    stereotype … RPG games are great example for that = how many of them
    you know that DONT have elves, orcs, wizards etc ??? with RPG we are
    in the fields of unknown but still people EXPECT to see same boring
    character types, magic, monsters etc …

    i think its bad idea to start your bussines with fresh and original games
    cause chance youll fail is much greater than if you opted for coping old
    boring ideas = only after you made some success you should go with
    originality, in small doses :o=

  2. First of all I have to say I completely agree with you: there are plenty of copycat games and I don’t wanna see those again.

    I clear my “Recipe” a bit:

    I wasn’t meant to write about what to do, but how to do. I believe there are success ingredients. They can be mental, psychological, skills, habits, visions, processes… anthing related to person and operating & building business in general. I didn’t mean you should “clone the first successful indie game and get rich”.

  3. I disagree with your “Recipe” for game success, it might work in the short run (what has been sold before will sell again) (at least thats the strategies the big publishers take because of the high costs and the low risk of success) but in the long run it definately leads more “stereotypical” games e.g. sequels and copycat games. And we end up with a situation similar to the movie industry; hollywood bores us with the same storyline movies (good guy vs bad guy, climax anti climax good guy wins in the end) kind of movies. Its not strange that we see an increase in the popularity of the independent movie industry. People get bored of hollywood. The main difference between movie and game industry is that with relatively few money you can make a blockbuster movie (see the blair witch project) however producing games is still very expensive and with a limited budget you will never be able to produce a blockbuster game.

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