Blog Marketing

A popular marketing method is blogging. Some book writers are writing their blogs. Some indie film makers have their own blogs. Writing a blog chapter takes practically very little time – maybe 10-15 minutes if you want – and it can be very interesting for your audience.

When you start your blog make sure it has some meaning and decide to whom are you writing to. A very easy choice for a game developer is to make a blog about your game. There are people who want to hear what new features are coming, they want to see new screenshots, concept art etc. – and comment your game. Keep it updated, keep it useful. Make sure you’ve got RSS feed options. You might wanna try to exchange links with other bloggers to get some additional traffic to your site.

Very popular blog programs are TypePad and WordPress. Blogger is also an easy way to start a blog. This blog is written using WordPress and for me it works fine. WordPress comes with several plug in options like calendar and different RSS feed options and it’s free and easy-to-use. I recommend.

Juuso Hietalahti