Cogito Productions Founded

Today I registered my very own company: Cogito Productions. The company will concentrate on making Online Multiplayer Games, but also other games production. Main projects at the moment are Indie Game Business and Morphlings.

Paper work is a mess: insurances, company registration, VATs, taxman… you name it. Well, now it’s official. Gotta wait couple of weeks before they accept it at the Finnish trade register. You’ll see links later.

2 thoughts on “Cogito Productions Founded

  1. mojtaba


    I have a question :
    for release games on own site or portals , is it necessary to register a conpany ?

    thanks .

  2. scott

    I went thru this several years ago for an e-commerce website. We got all the business stuff sorted. However, better to have a product almost complete before looking for partners and getting the business stuff sorted IMHO. As a consequence, we didn’t have a viable product and yet shelled out money for business stuff, so we all walked away making a small loss.


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