Cogito Productions Founded

Today I registered my very own company: Cogito Productions. The company will concentrate on making Online Multiplayer Games, but also other games production. Main projects at the moment are Indie Game Business and Morphlings.

Paper work is a mess: insurances, company registration, VATs, taxman… you name it. Well, now it’s official. Gotta wait couple of weeks before they accept it at the Finnish trade register. You’ll see links later.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hi

    I have a question :
    for release games on own site or portals , is it necessary to register a conpany ?

    thanks .

  2. I went thru this several years ago for an e-commerce website. We got all the business stuff sorted. However, better to have a product almost complete before looking for partners and getting the business stuff sorted IMHO. As a consequence, we didn’t have a viable product and yet shelled out money for business stuff, so we all walked away making a small loss.

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