Don’t give your game for free, except when…

Continuation to post: Don’t give your game for free
… you are dealing with a (1) publisher or a (2) press member. Players (and other game developers – in my opinion) should bring money to your pocket. Don’t let them get your game for free.

(1) Publishers need to see the game. I presume demos can be okay, but I think most publishers prefer to see the full game version.

(2) Press needs to see the full game so that they can make a proper review. That would be very, very foolish to keep your game away from press. As a press member I mean anyone who does game reviews, writes game related articles, news editors, blog writers… anyone who can really bring your game to public. Sometimes they can be freelance people, well-known individuals or (in some cases) other game developers who also can tell story about your game.

Remember: Your players are willing to produce good word-of-mouth marketing for you if your game is worthy enough to talk about. If they are willing to talk about it, they are most likely willing to pay for it too.

Juuso Hietalahti