Promote Your Business Daily

Market your game daily. Do one thing, even something small, daily to promote your game. Write in your blog, send a press release, email news editor, participate in forums. It doesn’t need to be large scale, something tiny is okay as long as you do it constantly. It will pay off.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. True – it doesn’t need to be daily. Regular is a better term: you could set up to do something every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (or some other dates if you wish) – main point is to do it regularly. Remember: even if it’s daily… it doesn’t have to be “big news” every day. Screenshots etc. Thanks for the comment Ken.

  2. Marketing should have regular promotion but not necessarily daily. It depends on the medium and the audience. Sending an email every day to your fanbase can shrink your subscription list quickly, although updating a blog every day is very reasonable.

    The author is right about making it small, just a screenshot or a piece of concept art or a “day in the life of the developer” can keep your audience’s attention with little effort to you, but be consistent. Penny Arcade posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday like clockwork, you should endeavor to do the same.

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