Use Images in Your Blog

Images can make your blog look more interesting. I don’t have enough statistical data to prove this, but from my experience books (for example) without images are heavier to read than books with images. Articles with images are lighter than articles without images. I presume a blog without images is duller than a blog with images.

I don’t spreading images much all over your blog, but use them sometimes. Content of the blog is the number one issue that matters – of course – but interesting content with interesting images is better than interesting content only, right?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Kyle, I don’t know many programming blogs but check out those blogs in the left column of this blog. They might be useful.

  2. That is true, coz it would also entertain the younger audience ( Example : me / 19 )

    So for the younger audience ( like me ), I tend to only review and read articles that attract me, this could either be image wise or just an interesting article.

    I’ve also just started reading developers blogs hoping I can learn something new everyday while trying to get off my lazy bottom and learn some programming. Coz it is a dull sujbect but the rewards are great.

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