2006 PGD Annual Game Programmer Competition

Pascal programmers might be interested in this. I got an email from the co-manager of Pascal Game Development

I wanted to let you know about an independant game developer competition thats taking place on the 15th of Jan. It’s called the 2006 PGD Annual Game Programmer Competition and we hold one every year around this time. Basically a team of game developers who use Pascal as the primary programming language, come together and compete for prizes offered by our event sponsors. It’s a great competition and we had some great games that came out from last year.

And we are doing it again this year with returning sponsors; Borland and 3Impact, and new sponsors Delgine 3D Tools, Spiral Graphics and Firelight Studios. The prize payout last year was around $4,000 USD and I think we just broke that number this year. We are also introducing a new format this year based on lessons learned from last year and previous game development competitions hosted by others. Even those just getting into the indie game market will benfit from the competition.

This is a must participate for any serious Pascal game programmer! Our competitions gaurentee to be unique from most of the other ‘themed’ game programming competitions out there. A signature of Pascal is that it help to teach as well as performs as a development enviroment an as such, so does our annual competitions at PGD (Pascal Game Development).

You can get all the contest details at http://www.PascalGameDevelopment.com!

1st official announcement about the competition:

Post about the competition’s new format:

Juuso Hietalahti