Use Dynamic Signatures

I just saw the signature of a Sharpfish at Indiegamer. It looks like this:

Paul Timson
Latest Blog Post: New Year… Same Plans! || Reality Fakers – Fun Games For PC and MAC

Besides his website URL, the signature shows the latest Blog Post. I think that’s an excellent idea compared to show only “Game Blog”. If there’s PHP available in forum signatures then you can do this: make a small PHP script (or ask your friend) to fetch your latest blog entry and put it working.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Okay, thanks for the info. The basic point still remains (and you’ve got some more popularity ;): a constantly updating blog (signature) could be updated via php script (don’t know if it makes any difference – haven’t tested it, yet.)

  2. Hello!

    Just noticed this popped up in google. Anyway, firstly yes I am doing it manually – because at the moment my frequency of posting is low. If I was posting more than ever 2 days or so then I would probably want to automate it.

    Oh and for what’s it’s worth, though I had planned to do this anyway (as I know how good links from forums can be) I had noticed Sonicron doing it first, so maybe ask him if he is doing it manually or automagically! :)


  3. Yes this is a great idea… I am going for the manual right now.. simple to set up (hard to mantain) and no screwing up my allready screwed up logs and no requests to my server every time someone looks at my forum post.

  4. I don’t know if Sharpfish was manually updating but I know that there’s [PHP] tag available in the indiegamer forums. For blogs – it could simply target to some of your php scripts which would read the latest blog mark (or latest company news etc.).

    The only thing I’m worrying (a bit) that this might affect the visitor count for your site, making it harder to know whether someone has actually visited your site – or was it just indiegamer “signature reader script” who increased the visitor count.

    I guess I could use some other domain name (or sub domain?) to get around this.

  5. Actually, that was one of the cooler things I saw on those forums. I really liked the idea that you update your signature every so often. For one, it makes it harder to gloss over the sig. For two, people know when you’ve updated and what about.

    I try to update every day, however, and I post in a number of forums, so automating it would be preferred. I assumed Sharpfish was manually updating.

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