Game Producer Responsibilities

Here’s an example of game producer’s responsibilites. (Direct quote from a game “producer wanted” ad)

The Producer will manage 1st party development at the studio. The role includes the following responsibilities:
– Be responsible for driving multiple games from initial concept, through prototype and development, to deployment and live maintenance.
– Successfully ship up to four AAA quality games each year (dev cycles may be 4-6 months).
Manage small teams of 2-7 people each, plus contractors. Teams may be composed of artists, designers, engineers, composers, audio engineers, and testers, depending on production phase. May include personnel management for direct reports and contract/invoice management for external contractors.
Plan, task, schedule, and estimate costs for the projects. Maintaining detailed task schedules and milestone lists, delivering weekly updates, and identifying and managing risks to the project are a all critical parts of the job.
Coordinate efforts between the development team and the marketing and business team, and keep all parties updated accordingly.
Manage requested changes to the games (from QA, beta, marketing, etc) balancing priorities, schedule and budget.

Quite a list. Should give you some information what they expect from producers.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Well, it was taken from an ad so I’d bet it’s not a joke.

    As you propably noticed, I didn’t bold that info – I put more emphasis on other issues like coordination, planning, etc. which are producer’s responsibilities. The idea of this post was to show what companies are looking for.

    To comment more about that AAA status:
    – AAA usually refers to “big commercial games” and AAA is defined as “highest quality” (very briefly put).
    – Reflexive Arcade for example producer games in 6-9 month cycles – and they developed / published “Wik & The Fable of Souls”. To me this game is a fine quality. I don’t know if it could be accepted as an AAA title, but certainly it’s a fine piece of art. 4-6 month cycles seem very high, compared to years many studios spend. Still – I don’t think it’s impossible.
    – Also: they said “up to four”, that means 0-4 or 1-4 titles each year – so if one AAA title would be published in 1 year I wouldn’t consider it to be impossible.

    It’s true that the ad gives us something… to think about. And your two cents are gladly accepted. Finely noted.

  2. Ok, is this a joke???

    Successfully ship up to four AAA quality games each year (dev cycles may be 4-6 months).

    Maybe like 5 – 10 years ago this might be possible but with the requirements for a game to get AAA status and the development time required to achieve that… This makes me want to know more about this company and their products… :P Well thats just my two cents on the quote from the ad… Tell me if you think I am wrong, I can take it…

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