Don’t Be a Forum Addict

How much time you spend on your favourite forums daily? Weekly? Monthly? In one year on average?

What if you would put that time on game development. If you use 1 hour every day, that is about 2 months work days (7.5 work hours in one day, 21 work days in one month). Would your game development benefit from halving the time you use in having this habit?

5 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Forum Addict

  1. [...] It’s often common to think about browsing some forums, blogs or maybe play one or two rounds for some nice game. Basically you don’t feel like working, so you spend your time on something else. Sometimes this type of feeling can be simply because you might be spending too much time in front of your computer – and good solution for that is simply turn off the computer and do something completely different. [...]

  2. Funny that you mentioned that Tim… I wrote a blog entry about “Don’t Be a Blog Addict”. Will come online in a few days.

  3. So is reading blogs

  4. Y’know, that’s straight-up painful to think about.