Polycount Productions Founded

They finally got my company’s re-registration processed: Polycount Productions. The doesn’t have much content yet, but at least it’s up.

It was quite an interesting registration process. Initially I entered “Cogito Productions” for the company name. This name was not accepted because “There’s similar company in similar industry”. I checked that there was a company called Cogito Ltd and found it it worked on some area which definitely was not “games”. (I couldn’t find the information any more, but it could have been carpeting or something similar). And besides that – the Cogito Oy is bankrupt. Their business doesn’t exist anymore (besides in the trademark registry stating “in bankrupt”). Quite interesting that I could not register a name like that. Basically this is okay: Polycount Productions sounds better to me and that’s what matters.

Still, got my first experiences with the Finnish laws concidering companies.

Edit: small interruption… in fact: Polycount Productions got registered in one place… but it could not go into trademark registry. This time they said “company name cannot have only general terms in it”. Strangely there’s a company called: “Polygon Arts”. I asked about that, but they couldn’t give me proper reason why that company has been accepted. Now the re-re-registration process is going on – and they will let me know if the “Polycount Productions” would be accepted – or will I have to use “Polycount Productions Finland”. Company is founded, now I just wait for the *final* registration.

Juuso Hietalahti