Don’t Be a Blog Addict

This post might be quite a strange to hear from a blog writers mouth, but I definitely believe in this: Don’t get addicted to blogs. Same as with any other activity: think why you are having that habit or activity. If reading blogs is fun and you are okay with that, then fine – continue doing so. If reading forums is fun and you prefer it that way – then so be it.

But – decide what your goals are:
– Are you doing it for fun? Is this okay for you?
– Are you trying to learn something? (What? Why? Does this habit (blog/forum/articles/book reading benefit you to reach your goals?)
– Are you interested in the industry news? (Then choose the blogs or newsletters that suits best for you. If you want to read about “what’s happening”, then choose blogs that will give you that benefit)
– Are you interested in knowing how other indies are doing? Then you perhaps want to read more of that kind of blogs – but, ask yourself: “Why are you interesting in knowing how others are doing? Shouldn’t you focus on your own efforts rather than someone else’s efforts?”
– Any other reasons why you are reading the blog? Are these reasons okay to you?

I don’t consider myself a blog addict: I visit different blogs to check how others are doing and what’s in the “news”. I also check out other blogs to see how they are writing their blogs – and learning to write on my own blog. I also read blogs (and articles) for pure fun: I simply like to read. And if I learn something while reading, the better.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I should be off studying coding, but… Here I am, reading your facinating blogs.

  2. Sounds very good – dropping down “surfing time” but still listening to what happens, reading motivating posts and articles is a good way to go. It’s mainly about giving up the useless stuff. The stuff that doesn’t bring you any joy/fun/learning/skills/experience/motivation/energy or whatever you are looking for.

  3. Well, as you do, I use RSS and blogosphere to keep up with news, read game dev articles and comments, and be in touch with some techs (things like Avalon, SQL 2005, and such).

    I’ve dropped my “surfing time” almost to zero. Now I rarely surf websites except when googling for something, and I can make fast cleaning of arrived RSS just looking at their headline.

    So for me, it’s been an improvement and optimization of my time.

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