GameProducer.net Wants Your Feedback

GameProducer.net is a relatively new blog, but the popularity is increasingly growing (about 5000 unique visitors in January, only few hundreds in November/December 2005).

I would like to hear your feedback. Give me the good, the bad, the ugly and the horrible. I’m especially interesting in hearing all the *negative* issues you have with this blog. Anything goes: layout? graphics? colors? background? content? typos? language? Anything comes to your mind.

If you have suggestions for improvement – please let us hear them.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Honestly, I didn’t realize there were category links until you mentioned it (as they’re pushed way far down the page behind most commented posts, and the likes).

    With all the comments regarding the style, if you like the current (as I don’t mind it too much) one option could be using CSS as a means of allowing for a different style to be selected (rather simple to do).

    One thing i’d like to see more would be information regarding marketing attempts. I also thought the information regarding sales statistics was quite helpful. This includes those under “How to get more sales.”

  2. Thanks people. (And yes – I shall update the site… btw – does anyone use those category links? I plan to list all posts in one big list (according to category/month) and it would be interesting to hear whether the page should list like 10 first post (with full text) or links to posts?

  3. Ah ctrl+mouse scroll up and down help when navigating a web page or reading a doc document, it increase the font size, or reduces, so is no need for your to change the font.

  4. I come here to learn about indie industry, and this blog helps a lot, a good reading.


  5. You might want to, if interested, to find people to partner with. People who compliment you. These people would have their strengths in areas that you may not be as proficient in. Not really looking for a conglomerate of developers. Just 2 or 3, that also have your desire to share information with developers of various levels of experience.

    I like this blog because it has very practical advice on what to do once you are in the industry. It’s a lot of common sense, and is easy to understand.

    I agree with an earlier poster, that mentioned that mentioning things about your day-to-day life would be helpful. It would help create a stronger bond with your readers.

  6. Realy nice site with some common sense.

    How about a community project in the style of your blog?
    (something simple, nice, …)

  7. @covert.c.: Then hopefully you forgive me my upcoming “Don’t be a TV addict” post ;) I will put more about my background & experiences in game production – later.

    @Kal_Torak: I will propably switch to “top banner”, “left links” and “couple pages” model in the future. It seems something people want – and would work just fine.

    Thanks for everybody about their comments. If you still have something to criticize/comment/suggest please, feel free to do so. I’m all open ears.

  8. I somewhat dislike the layout, mostly because its not very traditional, making it a little hard to navigate.
    I personally prefer a header with traditional leftside links layout.

    Other than that, looks good, great content.

  9. I sincerely enjoy your blog entries.

    The only thing that I find less interesting (yet, only marginally less so) have been your posts about “Not being a ____ addict”. Entertaining reads, but not particularly valuable.

    I’d really like to hear more about your experiences, perhaps contextualized by some larger issue in game production.

    I’d also like to hear from you more, as sometimes the RSS feed remains unhappily silent. :-)

    Cheers, and congratulations on a successful blog. :-)

  10. @Neil: That hint is a good one. I just don’t think I should tell you when our dogs (yes, both of them) destroy something ;)
    (just kidding)

    @Ken: I try to keep this blog minimal – and post daily. Sometimes it’s only one paragraph, sometimes more. I have a goal about writing articles and I will aim at 1-2 long article (at least 1000 words) per month.

    @Ray: more color has been wanted earlier – I’ll think about that.

  11. I have only recently visited your site through a Google search, and I find it is helpful for me as I have a gaming news website and I want to get into game design.

    I think that the site needs a splash of color. It makes it look more pleasing to the eye not “bland”. Not to say that a lot of color is good either, I have found that some website tend to “overdo” the color scheme and put too much color that it overwhelms your eyes and you may forget what you were reading.

    Other than that, the content is insightful and I will take many of the things to heart. I have bookmarked this in my favorites menu and I will put a link up on my site.

  12. I think more content on each post is a good way to start.
    Lost Garden is on one website that has alot of content with alot of content but very few updates. Try posting with a little more information or analysis of the topic while finding a balance between enough content in each post and actualy having enough time to effectively write each piece.

  13. I’m glad I stumbled on this site and have been enjoying it for a couple weeks now!

    I am friends with a “life coach” who is specializing in helping people start up their own indie businesses (including software developers). One tip that she gives is that you should try to include tidbits of personal information about yourself in your communications as often as possible.

    I think it would be nice if you added a bit more personal stuff in this blog. I mean something like “I had to take my dog to the vet yesterday because he swallowed a tennis ball and that really cut into my work time” or something like that… Most of us come here to feel connected to other people like ourselves just as much as we are here for information and tips.

    Keep up the great blog!

  14. Thanks people for all those comments:
    – the layout, I’ll do something about it. I’m considering a top banner there… and taking moving some stuff…
    – as for the font size, I hope your browser can let you zoom it more – I don’t know what to do about it yet. I might change it bit bigger.
    – I try to work on that link color, it’s quite hard actually (as I don’t want to use typical blue colored links ;))

    “But i think you could make more articles for the younger crowd (like me =P). Guiding us and telling us how you do what you do and how do we get there”
    @Saddist(Kyle): can you be more specific? I’ll promise to try

    @Knyght: ah… amazon.com link didn’t work (I guess they used sessions or something, I took it away – I guess you can find it on your own :)

  15. That second link 404s for me.

    The only thing that bothers me is that the link text isn’t as contrasting as I’d like, it’s a little difficult to scan down the sidebar and pick out things I like – but there’s rarely any need to anyway, and I like the colour.

  16. Overall I say it’s good. Not a bunch of flash and junk, just information. We all have enough smoke and mirrors in our lives that it’s nice to have a place that is just data. My only suggestion would be to pinch the left column a little to give the main post more breathing room.

  17. I find the layout of the site quite pleasing, though the left side bar is a little crowded. As for the content… I have enjoyed it so far. (I have not been subscribing for very long.)

  18. Fairly happy? I won’t settle with that… ;) What can I do – besides post about design (not my strongest area) to make you happy? :)

    Btw – Game Theory: Design & Practice should be a good book about game design, I’ve heard. Haven’t read it myself – but some people have mentioned & reviewed it (see those reviews at amazon.com). Might be worth checking for you.

  19. I’m fairly happy, actually – I can usually find as many faults as you can bare to listen to for any given thing.

    More posts tackling design issues would be nice for me, but probably only ’cause I have difficulties with it.

  20. Hello again!

    Well i think generally i prefer your game blog as it inspires and also makes me take into consideration of the things i know yet, do not do.

    But i think you could make more articles for the younger crowd (like me =P). Guiding us and telling us how you do what you do and how do we get there.

  21. I read your blog posts via rss but on visiting your site I find that I can’t read your posts because of the small font size. I also think there are too many things on the page, the left column makes the page too busy. Maybee reduce the limit of left column items like recent posts, recent comments and most commented posts.

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