Bad Feedback is Good

If you want to improve your game you must start searching for criticism. If you keep asking your players: “What’s wrong with our game? How can we make it better?” you’ll hear brilliant ideas. You will most likely hear negative feedback (and bad language) – but you’ll hear positive ideas as well. If the feedback is presented in a harsh manner ignore how it was said and listen to what is being said. Put a word filter on – if necessary – but be sure to get the point of the message. If somebody mocks your game without any arguments just ignore the comment and move on, there’s nothing good to get stuck on useless junk. Remember: Don’t take negative feedback personally, the idea of the feedback is for you to improve your game.

Continue improving. The best feedback is criticism. Ask for it.

If you have ideas on how to improve, please feel free to suggest.

5 thoughts on “Bad Feedback is Good

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  4. Only lurk once in a while, but what I see is good. The format could use some revamping – its kind of awekward – but then again it could be my crappy work computer / monitor.

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