Don’t Be a TV Addict

An average person watches television over 3 hours* daily. That’s over 1100 hours in one year. Are you part of this group? What would happen if you would change TV to computer. Would 1100 hours boost your game development?

*Number varies depeding on research, country, gender etc. This figure is based on one estimation in Finland.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I originally sold my TV several years back, when I realized that I didn’t really watch it that much. I spent almost three years without any kind of TV ( but watched some series and movies from DVDs). I recently repurchased a TV set just to have something to hook my DVD player and game consoles to besides my computer monitor, but my TV watching habit seems to have disappeared altogether in the past years. I’m glad it has turned out that way, because I’m having problems managing my free time as it is.

  2. I watch way to much TV, I have been thinking about how much more time I would have if id quit or atleast decrease my TV-addiction. But it has been hard to really quit so maybe I need to throw the TV out of the window or something to really quit. :D

  3. I moved house last year and never got an aerial, cable or satellite dish when I moved into my new place. I have a tv thats used for the good old xbox but thats it.

    Never looked back.

  4. I am happy to say that I don’t watch TV at all. Well, mabye 1 hour a month at a friends house. ;-)

  5. SKY is the main british satellite TV with loads of channels and movies and pay events etc. I liked it, but was wasting too uch time watching it.

  6. @Jake: Is SKY a cable provider or iTV (or both)? I’m familiar with the Sky network (as it their sports hour etc) – I assume its all connected somehow.

  7. I got rid of my TV licence and SKY subscription (U.K.) in the Autumn last year and this enabled me to complete and release Xmas Bonus on time.

  8. Yeh… it’s a double edged sword… on the other hand you sometimes just want to turn yourself into ‘brainless’ mode and watch some tv. Sometimes you want new ideas and inspiration… it’s both a bad and a good thing to watch tv. Just don’t get addicted to it ;)

  9. Unfortunately I don’t watch much TV if at all so there isn’t anything to cut out. I also don’t smoke so I can’t cut back to save some money either. B-)

    On the other hand, I have gotten sucked into a television show my girlfriend was watching. It’s easy to lose an hour or two of your time that way. On more than one occasion I’ve torn myself away to find that I have much less time that evening to work on development. So maybe I just need to keep in mind that it isn’t the best use of my time…no matter how good a show it is.

  10. Television can be a double edged sword. I rarely watch 3 hours – however – ideas for games and elements in games don’t just manifest. There usually is something behind them – perhaps ideas from television (as well as reading and everything else.)

    I am a huge Anime fan. A lot of my creative energy comes from the genre – I wish I had time to watch all of the series I enjoyed.

    But I do have to agree – too much TV can be a bad thing. Content is a big issue too – if you are just watching mindless television chances are you will emulate what is being poured into your head.

  11. I’ve seen 7 and 8 hours for the U.S. before.

    Most days I don’t even watch TV; I only ever turn it on to watch History Channel specials. It’s just not worth it to me unless I’m learning something.

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