When Something Is Crap, Get Rid of It

Whether it’s crap code, crappy article or crappy feeling you have the right to get rid of it. I had written an article for today about the definition of ‘casual games’. In the article I wrote in a provocative manner that the ‘casual games’ definition is a broad term and vaguely defined.

This article has been in my mind for the whole day (and before I published it) and I honestly think it doesn’t serve this site’s purpose which is to help game developers. I still think the ‘casual games’ don’t have a full proof definition, but I think my article was going into pointless ranting about this issue.

I decided to take that article away and replace it with this blog entry. That was crap that didn’t belong here – if anywhere. I concentrate on giving hints about game production – that’s what this site is all about.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. No doubt. At least you’re filtering yourself. I’ll just let any ol’ drunken ramblings ooze out onto my silly blog. But then, I don’t claim a domain name like “gameproducer.net” : )

  2. In other words – I verbally owned you about casual gaming?? :)

    J/K and good call!!

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