Sales Statistics: Democracy

I have collected indie game sales statistic from different sources across the net. I’m starting to put these figures public in this month and continue to do so as I receive more and more statistics. If you are an indie game developer and would like to share your info, please feel free to contact me or post a comment. I’m sure this data will help many beginner developers to get some idea on how much games are selling.

The first sales data comes game called Democracy by Positech Games. Democracy is a political strategy game.

Date: June 2005
Downloads: 1,300
Buy page views: 965
Sales: 178
Price: 22.95 USD
Gross profit: 3551,1 USD
Conversion rate: 13.69%

Date: July 2005
The figures for July are down to 6.1%, but thats due to a huge download spike whose sales impact might not have trickled through yet.

Date: June 2005 – January 2006 (8 months)
Sales: 2000
Avg. Price: 21.45 USD (went up from 19.95 to 22.95 4 months ago)
Gross profit: 42900 USD

Adwords: 150 USD per month
Other advertising: 50-200 USD per month
Ecommerce provider: 10% off each sale
Affiliate fees: some

Additional comments from the developer:
I expected sales to drop quite a bit after the christmas bonanza (mainly due to the game tunnel awards), but they are still doing ok. So I am spending a fair bit to get that, but I’m still way in profit. It’s just a pity I live somewhere so expensive. It’s worth pointing out that there was also another bunch of cash from European retail deals (not included in figures), and that (so far) the game is not on any portal. Also, I’m not counting my RegNow sales, which is probably another 5-6%.

Thanks cliffski for sharing this information.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Thanks for the info. It’s very useful (never thought that game of this kind can get good sales)

  2. Yeah the conversion rate is excellent. Even the amount of buy page views compared to download is amazing. What would be really cool is to see the number of downloads in the June to Jan so we can see what happened to the conversion rate.

  3. @Andy: It’s properly used. Conversion rate = sales / downloads. 178 / 1300 = 0,1369 = 13,69%. It’s very high rate true, and I presume it has come down. You have to notice that it was the launch month – cliffski must have done a darn good job targeting his ads/promotion.

  4. Are you sure you are using the term “conversion rate” correctly? It seems that the number is coming from buy page views divided by sales. That number should be “closue rate”, shouldn’t it? Conversion rate refers to how many people download the trial versus how many people buy it. 13 percent is insane for a small title, large titles like Fate (ones that are BIG downloads) tend to have higher conversion rates, but 13 percent would be high even for them.

  5. He didn’t enclose that but I would guess:
    – press releases
    – shareware site submission
    – banner ads

  6. Here’s an interesting question: What is “other advertising”? Where did he advertise the games but Adwords?

  7. @TimS: Sales figures nothing to do with being a game producer? (or did you mean something else?) Now that’s something I disagree! Producers – especially indie game producers – are the ones who usually fund the whole game project, make business & marketing decisions. Sales figures can be helpful.

    It’s true that there are entries which aren’t directly related to producing a game (like announcement about my company, paper call for students etc. but they are related to gaming, and the main focus of this site is to help people. In a non-direct way news about me establishing a company is related to producing games… and so is research about game development).

    The one thing I’ve seen: people, companies, teams and projects all have different thoughts about ‘what is a game producer’. There isn’t one and only way to say what is a game producer. I try to describe game producer qualities, responsibilities, actions (etc.) in the
    game producer category – and I try to bring sometimes more humane, sometimes more technical view on being a game producer.

    If people still think these posts aren’t related to being a game producer that’s ok too, as long as they see this entries beneficial to them. That includes you. Hopefully you enjoy this. :)

    @Everyone: Yes, I shall continue publishing these figures. But don’t thank me (oh well, maybe a little? ;)) – thank the people who are willing to share this data. (hint: if you have game, and want to share some figures… please, feel free to contact me…)

  8. Aye, thanks for that. GameProducer.net comes through with some good info — even if it has nothing to do with being a game producer…. ; ). Thanks Polycount and thanks to cliffski. It is good to be encouraged, even if by raw data (I can read between the lines fairly well I think).


  9. yeah, those sales sound wicked. I’m looking forward to you other sales figures. You blog is going on favorites.

  10. So… there is life on other planets than earth… uh… I meant other gametypes than casual ;) . Thanks for sharing and collecting… and bravo to Cliffski, with such a game you deserve to do good!

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