Who Is The Game Producer?

Who is the game producer?

- The one who works with the programmers.
- The one who works with the marketers.
- The one who works with the artists.
- The one who who works with anyone else.
- The one who gets blamed when failure comes.
- The one who will confront the blame.
- The one who is prepared to deal with any possible problem.
- The one who gives space to others to work their way.
- The one who understands how important all team members are.
-The one who makes sure team gets the credit it deserves.

That’s the one.

5 thoughts on “Who Is The Game Producer?

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  2. Unless.. youre a professional developer working for a games company, then the “producer” is the guy who watches everyone else do the work, whinges when everything isnt going well, takes all the credit when the team pulls the rabbit out the hat and then sits on all the money while the team gets laid off.

    Thats of coure the “typical” producer. I’ve had the good fortune to have a “good” one who did all you mention in your post :) but Ive had the bad ones too.


  3. sigh… and so I got blamed again ;) just kidding. Thanks for this!

  4. ‘blamed’, not ‘blaimed’ (sorry!)