Sales Statistics: Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys

Game: Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys
Short description: Gameplay is a cross between a Frozen Bubble-type game and a Breakout-type game.
Developer: Blue Tea Games
Released: November 2004
Current Version: 2.4, revised 10 times.
Team size: 5 people
Time to complete: 2.5 months (v1.0)

Date: Jan 2005 – Dec 2005 (12 months)
Downloads: 555 000 (estimation)
Sales: 4993 units
Price: varies (7.00 – 19.95 USD)
Gross sales: tens of thousands
Conversion rate: 0.6 – 1.2%

Revenue share:
Direct Sales: 35.75%
Direct Affiliate Sales: 4.05%
Distribution channels: 60.2%

Advertising & Promotion methods:
* Press Release for v1.0 and v2.0
* PPD program
* Promosoft to PAD download sites
* Finding review sites and ask for reviews
* Regnow Affiliates searches

13 thoughts on “Sales Statistics: Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys

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  3. Juuso - Game Producer Post author

    @dunno: unfortunately the developer did not enclose this information. But – I don’t think that needs to harm your selling strategy: you should try different pricing as well. You can try $10, $15 or $20 prices (or $5 or $30) and see what suits for your game. And of course it depends on how many games you are selling: if you have many games then one customer can buy more games (meaning: you could aim to have more first-time customers rather first-time profit)… it really depends your situation.

  4. dunno

    What I’d like to know is the sales statistics for the different prices (since this game had a huge varying pricing model). I’m wondering if the overall profit was higher with a high price/low volume or low price/high volume.

  5. Juuso - Game Producer Post author

    @cliff: yep it’s there. I’ve heard some people benefit from it, some don’t. Same with google adwords.

    @Jake: Well, affiliates generally get about 30% per sale – so the overall income generated by affiliates must have been few thousands (if I did the math correctly… :)

    @Roman: yes. They include portal sales. I just got info from the developer that the price range was different… so I’m not sure how much he got but anyway – the channels took most of the profit.

  6. Roman Budzowski

    Do gross sales for 2005 include portal sales? I mean distrubution channels revenue share is 60%, so do I have to:
    $100k*60% * channels profisions to calculate net sales
    or that $100k is for money to producer?

  7. Jake Birkett

    wow that’s pretty cool. Seems that the revenue share % from affilates is very small! Also the sales via distribution channels is more than direct sales, which is odd, but very interesting overall figures nonetheless. Thanks to all for posting.

  8. Juuso - Game Producer Post author

    @AI: Nice to hear you like ‘em. Now go and tell your friends about this site so they can enjoy these figures as well, okay? (just kidding;)

    Anyway: there are salary surveys made (like one at GamaSutra (2003 – requires free & easy registration I presume…). Basically there were figures like 40k – 110k USD per year, depending on experience (years in game biz), role (programmer… or lead programmer etc.). I don’t have plans to fetch this data (as others have done it) – but I could present those figures here as well (in case it’s not totally copyrighted so that I cannot)

    Licences could be interesting. Copyrights as well. I’ll put a post about them in the future (though I cannot yet say when).

  9. AI

    I really like these Game Sales Statistics (they give me nice dreams)!
    Maybe you could also find some data about being in a large game company and the saleries?
    Or to get away from that money stuff, what about ideas on open-source (for example if it is a freetime-projekt to learn new technics). You could also tell something about liscenes like MPL and GPL or Copyright.
    These are just a few ideas I wanted to propose …

  10. DannyB

    Great detail! Exactly what I was looking for :D.

    I imagine the developers had other projects (or perhaps ‘real’ jobs) during the rest of the year.

    ~$20000 each (minus overhead / advertising etc) for 2.5 months of work is outstanding!

    What do you attribute to the drop in sales for January 2006? Less advertising maybe?


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