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I decided to create a new category: “Ask Game Producer” for blog. There has been very good questions coming from developers, researchers , players and other readers and I thought this would be a proper channel to publish those comments.

There are already 2 question emails answered earlier and more to come.

If you have a question about game production feel free to email me or comment to this post (or other posts).

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  1. HI guys,
    I am asking something that is no way related to the current topic….but i did not know a better place to ask.And coming to the question.Am a game tester in EA mobile..i want to become a game producer one day.And there’s a university in tempe(USA) called UAT…which offers Masters in game wud taking up that course be a good idea.please let me know.

  2. I have a great game idea that would really sell but i don’t know how to get it made or anything. So can you tell me what I can do?

    Thank You

  3. @Saagar: Not that I know. ‘Game Producer’ is a title, and in my opinion titles mean nothing. It’s the actions that count.

  4. Hi,

    Is there any quality certification for Game Producers, like they have it for project managers (PMP) or CAPM…or the same will be applied for Game Producer?>

  5. What legal issues are important to consider/or are typically involved with the indie developer releasing their first game? Are there steps that they must take to protect themselves? What must they do to sell their games legally?

  6. Michael: thanks for your question. I’ll try to answer it later.

  7. Michael Cordner

    Excellent site. A question re: protecting your ideas.

    I’ll pose it by relating my current situation. I have a small development team currently producing it’s first title. It’s aimed at the casual market, and we think the concept is fresh enough and current enough to be a popular seller. (Though what game development team doesn’t?)

    I wouldn’t usually worry about giving ideas away, as generally the playability and sellability of a game is more in the implementation rather than the idea. However, in this instance the idea is one we feel has never been seen before, and is likely to be copied very, very quickly once it’s gone into the wide world. Obviously, we need to balance this with the need to demonstrate it to publishers. What are the best steps we can take to allow us to protect our idea while still allowing us to demonstrate it as appropriate?

  8. Another question answererd…

    @LRunner: Help coming tomorrow.

  9. I have some realy big problems now! Can you help?

    I can’t find a simple and efective proj management tools:
    (nice to be: web-based, open-source, PHP, ajax, nice futures)

    1 – Bug Tracker
    2 – Project Manager

  10. @MariuszH: Phew…. there’s some good questions there. I assume you have read article ‘How Do You Get Your Game to Market?‘ earlier? I’ll think this little bit and let you know – hopefully in couple of days.

    Thanks for asking… keep ‘em coming.

  11. I’ve question too :)

    Let’s assume, that we have just finished working on self-financed game, and now we want to get publishers (not only portals, but also retail ones). How do we do that? How should we make our first contact? What should we place in our proposal? What should we expect? Do we want publisher to sing NDA, or maybe we will be asked to sign publishers NDA? Can we expect any upfront money, and if so, how much we can expect in different markets (USA / Germany / UK / Russia / Poland / etc)? Any tips regarding this subject would be very useful to anyone, who is preparing for his first “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.


  12. Headhunter: Thanks for your comments. Nice to hear somebody got insiperd. I will put (and have put) the question/answer posts in the categories I have in this site (left side) – besides that they belong to “Ask Game Producer” category they might belong to “Business” or “Game Design” or any other as well.

    Hopefully it’s clear enough :)

  13. Hello Mr. Gameproducer,

    I’ve been reading your blog since day 1 and I really like it. Though I’m not doing game programming actively atm. I’m very inspired by your writings :)
    One suggestion I would make: Publish good questions in a seperate category on this site. Something like the “Ask somebody” columns on used to be.

    Anyway, keep up with your great writing :)


  14. Thanks Mike & CaseyD: I’ll think about this and put the answers online soon.

  15. I think more information on establishing contracts with other team members working on a project would be great. For instance, I am trying to get into the mobile game market and to do so, I definitely need to hire an artist. Now, some artists will sell their work for a flat rate. But does this mean that the work now belongs to you? I know that this depends on the artist and that it all should be worked out before hand, but some tips or links to more information would be great.

  16. Question: Let’s say I want to make a team, a programmer and a graphics guy. What should the share in money be? What is the best solution when it comes to money in teams?

  17. Thanks for the question… I’ll put my answer online in couple of days.

  18. I have a question. List the pros and cons of opening your development to the public. We’re releasing demo versions of our game as we go on, it allows us to get in touch with the public more. But I’m afraid this might backfire somehow, like people getting tired of the game before it’s completed, or that they judge the game by the demos.