Is It Possible to Use More Than One eCommerce provider?

Another question from my email box:

Question: Is it possible to use more than one eCommerce service?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible but not recommended.

There aren’t any legal issues why you couldn’t use several eCommerce service providers but there are reasons why you should use only one.

1) First of all having more than one eCommerce provider will take more time to handle. You have several contact persons who will reply same questions differently. The eCommerce control panels are different: takes time to learn different. If you plan to customize your shopping cart you have to customize it separately for each service provider. If you upload your game or use key generators it will take extra time.

2) It’s more complex to have more than one provider: where will you direct players from your game’s download version? Ecommerce provider A or B? Registration keys generated by eCommerce systems might not use the same software.

3) It might cost you bit more. Maybe not much more, but if you have 3 providers giving you $100 each (total of $300) and taking $5 fee for sending you money that’s $15. If you have only one provider you pay only $5 for that $300. These aren’t huge sums but for starting indies they might be.

Basically, there aren’t such benefits that you would get for using more than one service provider (maybe only in case you want to have different affiliate systems, but I would still have one main eCommerce partner and use others purely for affiliate reasons.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Mike: That’s one option, altough I would think hard whether to use another provider for wire-transfers only. I would also consider whether to accept wire transfer simply put putting the bank account info on your website (not necessary to use another provider) and collect the money by yourself. I don’t know what’s the Mike’s situation so I cannot tell how well it works for him.

    It would be interesting to hear how big ratio of sales you Mike get from Europe? Is it worth (for you) having two providers/accepting wire transfers that using just one provider?

  2. I have a provider in the US and in Europe. If clients want to use Bank Wire Transfer for payment then it is a must to have a provider as near as possible to them. Although it is probably just a european thing, everybody in the US use credit cards.

  3. @Ben: actually more and more providers are accepting PayPal today. Esellerate does that. Not sure if other provides – but it’s easy to anyone to check… good point.

  4. I’d suggest having an ecommerce provider AND Paypal. It’s something on my todo list to add. Of course if you get a provider with support for Paypal then that’s something totally different, but it’s not commonly supported at the moment.

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