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I have some really big problem now! Can you help? I can’t find a simple and effective proj management tools: (nice to be: web-based, open-source, PHP, ajax, nice futures)

Unfortunately I really don’t know good solution for this.

PHProjekt is not so good. Microsoft Project has nice capabilities, but it’s expensive. DotProject is one pretty good web based.

I haven’t found a proper – so we solved the problem by making our own online solutions for internal use…

Luckily lonerunner came back after couple of days and mentions these:

TRAC (project management really nice one)
FalySpray (bug-tracker, php, nice)

Excel (or OpenOffice version) can be ok tools for project gantt charts & budgeting.

That’s where my knowledge ends. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to share.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Lets chk it out and see the result in our project. whether it can solve the bugs are its another jus word-of-mouth tool in the market.

  2. I use Acunote (http://www.acunote.com) for Agile Task Planning. It’s not Project Management per se though but definetely what i would use after the big picture project management planning has been done and people start to realize their “plan” is falling apart and they need to be more agile. ;)

  3. I’ve personally started using http://www.pivotaltracker.com/ which is an agile project management tool. I have to say I quite like it so far. I was a bit disappointed the first week when I saw my velocity drop to 1 :) But that was quickly rectify by passing in the rest of my stories the week after.

    I use it to track my defects also, for small teams, I have yet to find a fault with it. At work, we use a Jira/Perforce integrated solution. Which is certainly not as agile. It forces your perforce submission to be attached to a jira issue.

  4. I use Mantis for bug tracking, and it’s great. Easy to setup, very easy to use, and effective.

  5. @Ken & Charlier: thanks for the input.

    @joe: gotta check that. easy-to-use is always a plus.

    @twist: group work systems are another question that need to be answered. I won’t reply now, but I will write about this in the future. If anyone has recommendations, feel free to bring them here.

    @yotix: …but fortunately you filled this gap in my knowledge. ;)

  6. Unfortunately you left out two of the best and most widely-used bugtrackers:

    DevTrack (www.techexcel.com)

    Microsoft Product Studio (used to be MS internal use only, now it comes with the big DevStudio bundle).

  7. Project Management and Bug Tracking are important but what about project collaboration tools. Specifically tools that help connect artists and programmers and writers so everyone involved with the project has access to any resources they might need. I have checked out a variety of different solutions but nothing that bring everything together (especially for teams that don’t get to meet face-to-face that often). With image galleries for the artists, CMS systems for the writers, CVS for the programmers, and IM and email for communications between members it can be a pain to keep everything together and to keep everyone on the same page especially for a loosely organized group collaborating over the internet in their spare time that is using a variety of operating systems (i.e. some of the artists use Macs). Any suggestions?

  8. I agree Trac is a very nice system. It has a lot of tools already implemented and plug-ins are pretty easy to create/find.

  9. Trac is a fantastic program; The RPI Game Development Club uses this. Not only is it a ticket system but it also has wiki capabilities and Source Control. This paired with a good Gantt/pert chart system is nearly all you need to have a solid basic project management solution. Trac also has a lot of abilities to create plugins so if you have a savvy programmer they can set up custom code for any issues that your project can have.

  10. My business partner and I just discovered a Java Gant Chart app which can save its output to the web: http://ganttproject.sourceforge.net/

    We’ve also been struggling to find decent web based Project Management tools. We’ve run into a couple of nearly show stopping bugs with DotProject.

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