Visit These Game Forums

There’s a brief forum list I consider useful for beginner (and more experienced) game developers

Top 2 (in my list):
- IndieGamer (great place, professional attitude – business & development)
- GameDev (another good place, lots of content)

Couple of more interesting places to check:
- iDevGames (mac site – worth visiting)
- SHMUP-Dev (relatively new site with increasing popularity – mostly about arcade shooters, but there’s also other kind of content)
- IGDA (industry related)

Game engines & specific engine forums:
- DevMaster (great place to check for game engines)
- GarageGames forum (nice place, especially if you want to use Torque in your game development)
- BlitzBasic & Codersworkshop (If you want fast & easy game creation tools, check these sites)

There are others. Feel free to contribute & give your hints.

7 thoughts on “Visit These Game Forums

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  2. These are developers forums but you should work over gamers forums. BTW search engines index most of forum pages, do’t be lazy – fill your signature with resonable amount of links and key words :).

  3. in terms of *productivity* – I agree that forums can be something where you just spend too much time. But in terms of *learning something new* I think forums are great places to visit.

  4. I would like to say: STAY AWAY FROM FORUMS!!

    lol, jk really. But there is a little thruth to this, atleast
    for me, forums and the internet in general,
    have had a huge inpact on the productivity I once
    use to have due to the lack of an internet connection.

  5. hmm … its only for Pascalprogrammers (like me ;)):

  6. Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.

  7. Thanks for the great links! I’ll be gradually checking them out. The one to Codersworkshop needs to be fixed though.