GameProducer.net Statistics for February

Here’s the visitors stats for gameproducer.net

January 2006:
Unique visitors: 6590 (31 days)
Number of visits: 21387
Pages: 73393
Hits: 136465
Bandwidth: 1.50 GB

February 2006:
Unique visitors: 6257 (28 days => rough approximation for 31 days would be about 7000)
Number of visits: 24054
Pages: 108395
Hits: 308832
Bandwidth: 3.13 GB

I don’t give much attention to hits or bandwidth – they are explained by the increasing amount of pictures – especially the sales stats pics.

What’s worth noting is the small increasing number of unique visitors (6% more than in similar time at January) and the number of pages (over 30% increase there). In february usually gameproducer.net gets 800-900 visits (weekends 700-800). And it’s worth noting that on Feb 24 I announced Mornings Wrath’s sales stats on 8 different forums and got 1300 visits that day and 800-900 on Saturday and on Sunday (roughly 100 more than usually). The sales stats seem to be very interesting reading so I will be presenting them in the future.

Other quite popular posts have been:
GameProducer.net Wants Your Feedback
How Do You Get Your Game to Market?
Creating your very own Massively Multiplayer Online (Role Playing) Game

Link popularity gave me number 3259 but I don’t know how reliable that can be… about a week it was something like 5700 links pointing to my site.

It’s been nice to see people linking to the blog and it’s amazing how the word gets out there. Recently Jeff Tunnell put a post about Growing Blogosphere Around Indie Game Development and mentioned this blog. Thanks Jeff for that. There are several other bloggers (like GBGames blog) who have mentioned/commented these posts in their blogs. Thanks to all of them as well.

What matters me most is to hear you people enjoying the posts and writing so valuable comments. I don’t know how you all heard about the site, but as most of the site traffic (93% percent) comes from direct access / bookmarks I believe word-of-mouth has something to do with the visitor stats.

I keep writing here daily – hope you enjoy.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Neil: I remember your blog – I might have commented there. That could be it :)

    I get feedhits from google sidebar and others. So, I can track those as well.

    Gameproducer.net is hosted at PowerVPS.I believe many use TypePad and are happy with it…

  2. I have no idea how I found your blog… But I too subscribed to your RSS feed, and I haven’t done that with many other sites. For those of us who use RSS feed programs (like Google sidebar), you probably don’t get as many page hits from us as you should since we only come to the site when we are interested in reading a full article or want to see/post comments.

    By the way, where do you host this blog? I wanted to use WordPress.com, but blogs that they host have many limitations that I wasn’t happy with.

  3. @mario.bb: yeh, those sales stats are interesting to write and read… I have about 20 developers whose stats need to be processed (and approved by them)… you’ll see them here in the future…

  4. I check into this blog almoust every day for a good read.

    What interest me most is the occasional game sales statistics
    which have been so hard to find elsewere.

    I found a link to this blog from codersworkshop.com.

    Keep up the good blogs :)

  5. oh yeah this blog is what an indie developer needs to read and study. Thnx!

  6. I like your blog. It has helped me a lot as a indie developer. It is rare and one of a kind. I give it 10/10.

  7. As an indie game developer, I find this blog very interesting.
    In fact, it is one of the rare blog I’ve bookmarked in my RSS reader.

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