Can I Be a Game Producer?

Yes you can.

Especially you recognize any of these in you:
– You have a dream of creating your own game (good, good – every goal begins with a vision)
– You might have tried to develop some games (even a better sign)
– You are interested in games (chances are that you enjoy games, and can build a career around them)
– You are jealous to successful game developers, or feel at least little bit jealous sometimes when you see success (this is a good sign, we humans are jealous to something what we want)
– You have developed a game demo (a very, very good sign – this means you got what it takes to developer games!)
– You are interested in both programming and business of game development (being a producer means you have to take responsibility not only about programming)

Sounded familiar to you?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I am now in school for game design and i wont to make a carrier in being a game producer and go even higher than that. What and how do i get on the right path for that? And can you give me some tips that can help me out please?

  2. I am now in school for game design and i wont to make a carrier in being a game producer and go even higher than that. What and how do i get on the right path for that? And can you give me some tips that can help me out please?

  3. How can I get the job of being an in house game producer?

  4. @TGE: Nice to hear you like the blog. And… RTS ideas – I’ll remember that hint… I just might need some help in Morphlings (it has RTS need in it)…

  5. I wouldn’t say I am jealous of what other developers may produced but more inspired by their designs and perhaps a bit inquizitive over how they were able to do it.

    Jealousy may take shape when I look at my yearly wages compared to game developers’ wages lol but I will most likely never have a chance to work as a game designer/producer/product manager even though I think I may be qualified to do such things it all comes down to programming and lack there of… I take the latter position :( Damn dyslexia.

    Nice Blog btw! If you ever need some RTS ideas feel free to send me an email :D


  6. @Ville: In the Game Producer category I try to describe some elements related to producing a game.

    I think anyone who is doing their indie game development *alone* can be considered to be some kind of indie game producer. Especially if there’s no publisher involved in selling your game and you have made the business plans alone. I think *developer* to have more *programming* oriented viewpoint on games production. On the other hand *producers* usually fund & participate also in business issues. But – all indie game producers must know how to program (“lead by example”). It’s just something which they must manage.

    So called *commercial game producers* rarely (read: never) touch in code. They handle management and business issues (and everything else mentioned for example in this blog).

    Very, very, VERY rough conclusion:

    Indie Game Developer ~= programming
    Game Producer ~= business/management
    Indie Game Producer ~= Indie Game Developer + Game Producer

    Of course all this is just semantics… you can call yourself indie game developer or whatever you want and still be involved in biz decisions. And do marketing. And do everything else related.

    Every team has their own exact way to define the ‘producer’ and ‘developer’ and that’s fine. I don’t think it’s so important. Much more important is to do a good job and get your game out. And sell a lot, of course ;)

  7. What’s the difference between your definition of game producer and an indie game developer? I mean that indie games rarely have producers who only produce, but programming is not something a commercial game producer would do.

  8. I have it too. I think about my game ALL the time. I fantacise about the sales exceeding my expectations!

    I also think it’s good to make a small free game and to totally finish it. You’ll be surprised at how long it takes. Then keep increasing game size and complexity. Don’t start with a massive project, it’ll never get done.

  9. Yes!
    I have indentified that I have a gameproducer syndrome :)

    But to my next question;
    My biggest problem is to actually finish any of my games.
    The longest I’ve committed myself to developing the same
    game is about three months, befoure I get so fed up with
    the project I’m unable to focus on it any longer.

    Now it’s gotten to a point were I doubt my skills and persistece
    as a game developer, and think twice (or more) befoure I
    actually start on a new project. Its like I already know
    it’s not going to be completed, so why bother.
    Hence, not much programming at the moment.

    How do you guys cope with this?

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