GameProducer.net Newsletter Now Available

I have set up a not-so-regular newsletter for gameproducer.net. Of course I’ll keep all the material available in the blog, but the newsletter will contain following information:
– Announcements about major changes at gameproducer.net
– Announcements about longer articles
– Information about the games I’m producing (like the secret game project)
– Announcements about new sales stats

The main content of the site will still be available via the blog, and I keep writing it daily. You can unsubscribe by clicking any email you receive.

And naturally your email will be kept secret. I just hate spam – So, you won’t get any unsolicited email.

You can sign up by putting your email address in the box located at top-right corner of gameproducer.net sidebar – just below the banner.


Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Greg: Sorry, my mistake. Should have told that. Anyway, as Jams said – the subscription box is in the top of this site. Thanks for mentioning! I edited the post to make that bit clearer now. (I didn’t put a HTML FORM code to that post because this blog is read by different rss feeds … and I don’t wanna mess up their systems)

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