Relax, Sometimes Things Just Happen

Yesterday I finished the first version of the ‘Secret Game’ project plan. I was bit worried where I could find an artist to make the sounds/music the game needs. I thought it would be better to have artist ready right from the beginning, and we didn’t have one. All other 3 (besides me) team members were quite easy to find.

After a night sleep… an interesting email had dropped in my mailbox. A sound/music artist had emailed me and offered to participate. Funny thing that I didn’t do anything to get him join the team. And luckily, this guy seemed to be a very talented and had some good samples to show me – with reasonable salary.

The pre-production phase for the ‘Secret Game’ is now complete. We have a team in place (5 members: 1 programmer, 1 producer (doing also programming), 3D modeler, 2D texturer and a sound/music artist), the engine is picked and a project plan is completed.

Remember: Sometimes things just happen… it’s not always necessary to actively search for a solution – the solution might appear to you when you least expect it. It’s not always needed to actively search for a team member – let team members search you. Same can happen in game ideas, marketing goals, sales pitch writing etc.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yeah, I believe it’s a law, just like the law of gravity. It will be scientifically proven somewhere in the future. And must I say, that yesterday I found a great musician when I was looking for a graphic artist? Now I must look for a programmer to find the artist ;).

  2. Wow thanks Mike. I’ve been following that way of thought for a while now since taking up Aikido 9 years ago as it’s part of the philospohy. Also a very successful business man I know taught me the same thing. Most people are dubious of that kind of thing, but it has worked for me and continues to do so. You posting the article link was in fact further proof of it to me as it helped me reaffirm those ideas. I sent it to some friends too! What’s cool is I read Pavlina’s articles about shareware just over a year ago before I got into this game and he totally motivated me. I didn’t realise he went into things so deep but it’s only a natural progression of course :-)

  3. It’s not luck, it’s a thing called synchronicity.
    A good start to read about it is here.

  4. I think this point evolves into “Plan to deal with things, but when stuff falls in your lap don’t dismiss it just because it wasn’t how you planned it.” You can’t rely on these things to happen, but be flexible enough to take advantage of them when they do.

  5. I think some things are meant to happen and if you are open minded and relaxed you will see more opportunities. Plenty of cool things came my way for Easter Bonus, but yes, other things I had to push for and work hard at.

  6. That’s just luck, you can’t depend on luck if it’s something important. Better mitigate risks than wait for good things to happen.

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