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  1. There are problems with installers and Windows Vista, so you must check installer compatibility, … Vista is almost here and a new world of technical issues are coming.

  2. I’d love to use NSIS for igloader devilery, the download would be tiny then. I get put off by the scripting everytime I look at it though, it just appears too complex when compared to Inno.

    Perhaps someone reading this can tell me how to enumerate registry keys using NSIS, please :D

  3. A friend of mine who is a programmer at Epic keeps telling me about how great the Inno installer is too. I suppose I should finally go check it out.

  4. NSIS is the one to use… I use Inno because I haven’t sat down and figured out NSIS yet (Inno with ISTool is easier to use, you have to script NSIS files by hand, unless maybe there’s an equivalent of ISTool). The key difference between them: Inno has a 300k footprint, NSIS has something like 30k. That makes a massive difference on small stuff, though I suppose not so much on a 20mb download. Other than that, they both use 7-zip, so compression is equally great.

    As far as I know (and use!) Inno is perfectly fine for commercial stuff.

  5. Yeah, Inno is my favourite installer tool.

    One quick question, cause i’m terrible with Legal-Mumbo-Jumbo:
    I know its free, but can I use it for commercial apps?

  6. Don’t forget about NSIS (nullsoft) installer also. Both good, both free.. but I imagine most people know about these by now anyway.

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