Do I Need a .com Website Address For Me?

Well yes. It costs you $10.00 per year to have your own .com/.net/.org domain name and john.doe@yourcompany.net certainly beats johndoescompany@hotmail.com whenever you are contacting somebody.

Whether you are a game developer, or an artist – get yourself that domain name.

Some sites for getting that domain name are:

Grap it.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I would add that if you target a less techy audience, you specifically should try to get a .com rather than a .net or any other. Everyone knows “.com” as a term so it’s easier for them to understand and thus remember.

  2. @Jeffool: extra dots require extra remembering… (like… is it deli.ci.ous – or deli.cio.us… or del.icio.us) – I prefer to ‘keep it simple’.

    @Ville: Very true.

  3. One thing worth remembering is that you’ll get what you pay for. If you’re using a webhotel service, and use it to host downloads, you’d better make sure you’re getting enough bandwidth to service all downloaders.

    I learned this the hard way when our game was featured on download.com, and the surge of users stalled the site to a complete halt. This sort of negated the whole use of having them feature the game.

  4. Just curious, but what is your opinion on using the TLD in your domain name like del.icio.us, Soma.FM, or others? Just a kitschy approach that’ll wear thin soon, or a nifty additional domain to use as a marketing tool for those who like such things?

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