How To Be A Successful Game Producer?

SOrange presented a tricky question:


How To Be A Successful Game Producer?

First you must define success. For someone… a successful game producer can mean producing a game. For others it can be several produced games. Somebody could think that they would need to get a game producer job at some big company in order to be successful. Others might think that producing a hit game would be considered success.

The second part of being successful is very easy to remember: there’s only one thing you need to possess in order to be successful game producer. Brian Tracy has presented the universal rule on being successful: You must never quit. You cannot lose if you don’t quit. And if you don’t quit, you will eventually go through any obstacle that you might encounter. If you won’t give up you will eventually be successful. You can rest for a while if necessary, but don’t quit.

In order to be a successful game producer you must first define success, and secondly – never quit while reaching that success.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. as an individual, one shouldn’t lose faith. but from a business perspective… sometimes it is wiser to kill the project you are working on. A good producer can know whether their game is worth publishing or not, and signal any critical issues to management/publisher/whoever in charge. having a project cancelled is never a happy situation, but being able to recommend to cancel one’s project is one of the qualities of the best producers.
    What an optimistic comment :) !!

  2. exactly, never give up…never surrender =)

    The only way I would “quit” is if it was for new ideas and concepts came flowing into my tiny brain then come back and put the ideas into the existing game.

    Hey I’m glad I found this blog now…gonna be reading more of this!

  3. Somehow this reminds me of Homer Simpson:

    “Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try”


  4. But of course there are times when you really should quit. Just don’t quit on every little hardship. A good reason to quit or at least do major changes is when you’ve prototyped your game, and found that it’s never going to be worthwhile.

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