Comments About Your Game Are Not About You

Don’t take personally if someone blames your game, comments bad controls or lousy graphics.

He is commenting your game. Not you.

Even if his tone of voice might be somewhat insulting try to dig the deeper meaning of his criticism and ask yourself if there is anything useful in the comment. Saying “this game sucks” doesn’t help anything, but comment “this game’s level design sucks” might suggest that the game levels might need some tweaking. If you hear same complaints again from someone else I’d suggest doing something about it.

Don’t take it personally.

Juuso Hietalahti

One Comment

  1. good advice this. Same way if you make an advert or a webpage, the comments MUST be listended to but never taken personally. In fact if you are prepared to look at your own work and say “this is sh*t” then you are one step ahead and can correct it accordingly. This whole same thing applies to your business methods or how you DO work. If sometone says, “when you do that it’s crap”, think “OK, what can I do to improve it” not “shut up, you’re an idiot, I don’t want to listen” etc.

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