Juuso Hietalahti


  1. “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
    Albert Einstein

  2. Keep in mind the difference between *complex* and *complicated*. The former is good (depending on the genre), the latter is bad.

  3. Also, if the game is complex many people who are casual gamers whould not like to play it. Maybe even some hardcore gamers would’nt like it either.

  4. “Keep it short and simple” is probably the politcally corrected version of the original “Keep it simple stupid”. At the peak of the political correctness craze I really thought someone would bring up chess saying its racist having black always moving after white. Considering some of the other crazy things changed, it wouldn’t have supprised me one bit.

    Chess isn’t really that complex, you have 6 distinct pieces to learn the way they can move as well as a rule for capturing pieces, a rule for check and finally a rule for check mate. Ok, I guess you also need to learn the rule for setting up the board as well.

    On a basic level its pretty simple. The beauty of chess though is that even with such simple rules you have an incredible depth of game play in the variety of moves possible. The basic gameplay can be learnt in a very short space of time, yet the time it takes to play the game well can be years even a lifetime if you’re going for best of the best Grand Master level of play.

    Perhaps this may be why a lot of people really enjoy Laser Squad Nemesis, you have a limited number of pieces you can use, each with a unique ability and yet the tactical depth of the gameplay is supposed to be quite high. I say supposed as I’ve never played the game and only heard about it second hand.

    Compare that to an older board game such as Star Fleet Battles, which had books full of rules to learn. The game was fun, but having to know so many rules generally resulted in games been won by the rule laywers rather than tactical play. I wonder if computer based war games are more popular than their traditional board game equivlents because the rules are enforced for you, lowering the amount you need to know to jump in and play.

  5. KISS can also be “Keep It Short and Simple” – at least that’s how I always use it :-)

  6. Well… quite true. Maybe – chess is not “very complex”? Anyway – it doesn’t have so many rules (few different ways to move, easy board… it could be made dramatically more complex – but would it be so popular game?) Hopefully the point still remains even when the example might not been the best one.

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