‘Secret Game Project’ Concept Art, News & Plans

Concept art:
Our artist send me some concept art. We decided to go with the fantasy style (it will suit better in game). Here’s some evil side units:

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Our main programmer Arex left the team and is heading to Hybrid Graphics, a Finnish based 3D/2D graphics technology company. Arex is a very talented programmer and it’s a shame he left, but I cannot do else but to congratulate him for that job. It’s a great offer for him and I’m really happy for him.

Of course this means the programming side of the game comes more and more to my shoulders.

I’ve have been working on IGB – a business service for indie game developers and that’s why the programming of this game has been bit slower. Luckily the service is now finished which means I can put more energy in the game programming.

Even though these 2 factors (Arex left, IGB) are have slowed down the development I still stick with the plan to release the game in just 2-3 months (read: 3). One month is passed, and there’s much to do – but we’ll going to work the plan and finish the game. The basic system for the game (network connections) is pretty much done (which means we can test the game online) and the structure for gameplay & rules exist (in paper). The GUI is designed to be quite intuitive: we won’t be needing many GUI elements in the game – that makes it bit easier to code.

Production continues.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Nice! Tell us more about the code tools you use and Gook Luck!

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