How To Get More Traffic to Your Site?

The golden rule applies here: You must have useful content in your site – or nobody won’t visit there. First you must earn the traffic. After then you start getting it. People who have been long in the business have earned their reputation. If they set up a blog, you can rest assured that their blog will receive lots of traffic.

Seth Godin (a marketing professional) describes this very same point in getting traffic:

The problem, of course, is in the “get.” The request has at its foundation the assumption that what you’ve built has somehow earned attention. “Our business model is working great–we just need more traffic…”

People never say, “how can I earn more traffic?” or “How can I rethink the core of what I’m offering so that it organically attracts people who want to see it?”

The 3 strategic points:

  • First of all, your site must be online when people want to visit there. Cheap web host won’t get you far away.
  • Secondly: there must be useful content in your site – or nobody won’t visit there.
  • Thirdly: Have a long term plan. 6 months is nothing when building a high traffic site.

14 tactics for getting more traffic:
Here’s some fast & easy tips for getting some traffic to your site:

  • Make press releases
  • Participate in different forums
  • Remember to use forum signatures
  • Write articles
  • Create a blog that supports your game site (it can establish credibility)
  • Include your blog link to your game site – and from game site to your blog
  • Include your website url in your emails
  • Share business cards (remember to have website URL there)
  • Mention your site to your friends
  • Mention your site when you play online
  • Exchange links with people
  • Submit your site to different search engines
  • Submit your site to different news
  • Get interviewed

Example case:
GameProducer.net visitor amount has been increasing all the time, but during days 20-22 there was a small decrease in numbers. I decided that I need to earn the traffic, so I thought about writing a really, really interesting post – and shared some insight information about the secret game project. The story also contains an image which makes it more interesting – at least in my opinion. I decided to go through the forums I visit (as mentioned in the ‘tactics list’) and made announcements in each forums. The next day I had a 5% increase in visitors and about 10% increase after two days. Also the number of newsletter subscribers went up right away. Now I’m going to re-visit those forums and reply there.

First have content somebody wants, then let the people know about it. It’ll bring traffic.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Christine – there’s 2 solutions for this problem:

    1) Get *somebody else* to write content – that’s what for example Forums do. There’s plenty of content in forums – most written by the users. YouTube and other sites work similarly.

    2) Schedule your own content to appear later. On certain publishing platforms (like blog system WordPress.org) you may schedule your blog posts to appear even when you are gone (something I use every week).

  2. Great tips. But I was wondering if there is any longevity type ideas, meaning, I can blog and post messages, but in order to get traffic I have to do this everyday consistantly. Man I just need a week off sometimes and when I take the time off my visitors go down.

  3. I submitted one of my articles with a link back to my site to articlepanda.com a web 2.0 community with some success. However, I think to be successful you need to specialize in something. I mean really specialize, like in starting a site called “Nintendo Controller Tricks” and that is all you talk about. You have to be creative to get attention.

  4. I have had my site http://www.mygamespot.net for over a year now, and have been practiing the always adding fresh content, getting links exchanged, and working on the seo, and so far it really has not gotten me to far.

    All of these things I read, I have known about and done, and nothing really helps. Any Tips would be appreciated. Thanks

  5. Well ,bringing traffic to website is sometimes easy but in most cases it really hard!You see you must have:
    Fresh Content
    Intersting content
    Nice and not comlicated website
    Finally good promoting(not always paid)

    that’s what i think!

  6. Well, actually those large scale magazines can pick your story if you use press releases… getting ads on them is way over most of the indie budgets.

  7. no matter how good you planned your “getting more traffic” issue
    you should constantly improve it … with some money made from
    game (or whatever) its smart to invest in marketing on a large
    scale like magazines (both online and real-paper ones), flyers left
    around your town on all traffic-bussy locations … the more you invest
    in marketing, the more traffic you will have … in this world of hyper
    production you must stand out of the crowd in order to be visible ;o)

  8. Good point, I didn’t get ads into consideration ;J

  9. More Traffic Is Only A First Step [huh, sounds like one of that your great fancy titles ;)].
    The next step is to benefit from this traffic ;) 1000 potential customers won’t bring you the $, but 100 real customers will ;)

  10. @Andy: You read carefully, and have logical points. Thanks for that.

    Let me hear you reply on this: Is feeding their curiosity useless for them? Or useful? Just kidding ;) I don’t want to get into semantics.

    The point is: if your site is useless…(or provides no benefit/reason for people to come) nobody won’t visit there more than maybe just once (and only on the first page). If your site provides something useful or something valuable for the visitors (which can be ‘interesting content to feed their curiosity’) on regular basis then they might keep visiting in your site. I repeat: *something that gives reason for the people to come*. And, on regular basis.

    There’s one reason why the sales stats are most read posts in this site: that’s because I’ve made some advertising effort when bringing them online. But even then, those stats don’t give me big trafiic spikes. I’ll write a post about gameproducer.net traffic within couple of days, so you’ll get a better picture (and that’s interesting to see those stats, eh? ;). Basically site got about 900-1100 visits each day in March.

    I thought about your note about having ‘useless but interesting site to catch everybody’. You have a point there, and presumably that’s possible to get visitors in that way. Even returning visitors. Even then, there must be something valuable for them: some reason for them to come.

    I’m not sure if I answered to your questions. :)

  11. The title says: Hot To Get More Traffic to Your Site?
    It doesn’t say anything about returning visitors or selling a stuff there.
    The Earth population in current moments count something more than 6 billion peoples. If you get all them catched once to visit interesting ( entertaining, fun – what ever) site once – it would be more than enough to get some good amount of visits to your site.

    Amount peoples visit the places not to get any use from them – but just to feed their wondering.

    Just try to think this about by this another way and you will discover amount of additional ways to get the visitors to your website.

    I repeat again – I was excited what amount of useful info brings your site to the visitors Juuso. But you say me now – how many visitors you get on regular basis and compare these numbers with pick days when you publish the statics on another game sales. Let we agree – this sales info doesn’t bring anything useful for them – they are in different conditions, work on different games etc. So they just feed their curiosity – read this is interesting but not useful for them. :-)


    REM: Basically I’m not disagree. I just found small error in your starting point of this article and I’m too lazy to build the whole new line of conclusions. So I just leave the job of fixing this on you. :-D I’ll just return later and check. ;-)


  12. @Andy: Why useful? Simply because if the content is useless… it’s no use. :)

    Onemilliondollarpage.com is interesting, and maybe even attracting. For one visit. Maybe two visits. But that’s it. Then it becomes boring… And it’s quite useless. Sorry :)

    Thanks for your comment! Feel free to add more. I like when people disagree, and bring their own opinions.

  13. “You must have useful content in your site …”

    Why USEFUL? Does that onemilliondollarpage.com has anything useful on it?
    I would say interesting, attracting. Useful – is just very small part of posibilities. And such limitation in the main point would bring you incorrect results at the end of your conclusions.

    REM: BTW I’m first time here so I’ll add two words about the site – I’ve found it very interesting and some times even useful. ;) So thanks a lot!!!

  14. Thanks for bringing this list!

    A good one can be to contact the news paper in your local area. They love to write about new “high-tech” startups that have some fancy new products (at least they do in my area :-) ).

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