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Indiepath and Polycount Productions launched indiegamebusiness.com – an online business solution for game developers. The service has three major components: a newsletter tool, a press release tool and an online highscore system.

If you are a game developer/producer sign up for the free trial account. Costs you nothing and let’s you play with the system. If you are a member of the press (journalist, game publisher, reviewer or other) subscribe to the press list and start receiving quality press releases from professional game developers.

iNewsletter: the newsletter tool
This quote is directly from the official IGB press release (You can subscribe to the list or syndicate press releases using rss2):

* iNewsletter: A self-service solution for the creation, management and deployment of subscriber lists, newsletters and e-zines. The web-based software is feature rich and very simple to use. The iNewsletter management features, reporting and assured email delivery make iNewsletter the perfect choice. Keeping in contact with visitors and customers has never been simpler!

Basically iNewsletter is a sophisticated, but easy-to-use newsletter tool. I use the IGB newsletter tool here at gameproducer.net, and those who have subscribed to the newsletter get my emails. Nice and easy.

iPress: the press release tool
Quote from the announcement:

* IPress: A self-service press release solution; customers provide the content and IGB assure the delivery. All of the press contacts held within the IGB database have subscribed to the service through an opt-in process. The iPress service is considered as the hub connecting the gaming press, business and developers. Members of the press, business and other organisations have opted in to the service to ensure they get the news that really matters, YOUR news! IGB publish all the latest press releases on the IGB RSS feed to ensure news information is distributed as far and as wide as possible.

Now, this is really something. Writing good press releases can be hard, but letting the world know about your press releases is even harder. The IGB’s press release system takes your story… and emails it to press contacts automatically. Press people who have syndicated the rss feed (really simple syndication) will receive your story in their computer through the feed. When our ‘secret game project’ is ready to be launched, we’ll use the IGB iPress for finding potential publishers/distributors. We’ll also announce about the game launch with iPress tool.

Here’s an image about how the iPress functions:

The process goes:
1) Write a story (a press release) about your game
2) Send it & let IGB handle the distribution.
3) Wait for the press/publishers/other media to grap your story
Simple as that.

iNET: secure online highscores and more
Quote from the press release:

* iNET: A secure, subscription based, hosted high score service. Designed for ease of use, IGB supplies the client libraries; hosts the data and provides it’s customers with the web-based tools to make score management a breeze. In fact the system is so flexible it can be used to manage all kinds of data such as the status and locations of on-line games, multiplayer lobbies and server-side versioning control!

So, in a nutshell it’s a secure online highscore system – but the nice thing with the .dll is that it’s very flexible: you even could create an online in-game chat, a game lobby or a server list for online multiplayer games. Our Hightailed game’s newest version (not released yet) has the online highscore system, and it works fine. The ‘secret project’ will use iNET for server list purposes.

More information
Now go on, get some more information at indiegamebusiness.com and get your game some coverage.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. We are looking to develop and maintian long-term client relationships, if for any reason our services fail to meet expectations we will issue full refunds. We will of course post testomonials when we have been granted permission.

  2. That press release tool definitely sounds like something we might use. But how can I be sure I’ll get my money’s worth? Obviously you cannot just display which contacts you’ve got. Maybe you’re going to get testimonials from known developers?

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