The annual Game Developers Conference is over now, and people are getting back and writing what’s happened.

I wasn’t at GDC this year, but I’ve been reading the material by others. People seem to share the following views:
- GDC is growing big time. This year it was a massive event with lots of people all around the world.
- Indie/flexibility/small studios and innovativeness is raising it’s head: big game houses seriously think about getting more content, and better gameplay rather than great visuals.
- Everybody had a great time there.

Sounds like a success to me.

Here’s some stories & notes to check:
- Conference sessions (some downloadable)
- The 6th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards
- GamaSutra news
- columns

Looking forward to hear comments from indies who were there. Feel free to add any more interesting stories you might have.

4 thoughts on “GDC

  1. Some of the sessions have a download link… but not all. Just look for “download” link in the page.

  2. Conference sessions (downloadable) How do I download the sessions?

  3. Wow.

    It took me over 10 years to get the man I respect – the dude behind of Monkey Island – to contact me.

    And all because of tiny mistake. I start making more mistakes now. :)
    (Fixed, thanks for the info)

  4. I’ve been going to the Game Developers Conference for over 15 years, it’s much old that 6. I suspect it’s the Game Choice Awards that are 6.