Another Site Update, Comments?

I received lots of feedback in a short time, and made few changes to the gameproducer.net
– played around with the font
– added background image (‘the flying dragon’…)
– centered the main content.

What do you think about the site now? Still worse than the old one… or any chances the new one is better now?

Again – let me know what you think. I would also like to know why you prefer old or new site. Thanks.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Thanks people again…

    @Greg: I’ve done the layout & colors all by myself. Credits for the left side ‘dragon image’ goes for Olive2d who kindly allowed me to use his image in this blog. Also thanks for Penguinx for making the image smooth from the bottom…

    Otherwise this is all done by me – and I’m using wordpress to write & schedule this stuff to appear.

    Anyway – I’ve listened, and I’ll modify the site more. Be patient.

  2. Is it just me, or is all the text (a lot) smaller in this new design? Maybe it’s because I’m running at 1600×1200 (19″ screen, browsing in a 1024×768 window ), but the previous design was easier to read.

  3. Am I the only one that can’t read the first word of each line?! It’s cut off on the left.

    Have to say, I really liked the old yellowish one. It was golden and magical…

  4. Looking much better, but the image on the left throws of the semetry and makes the page feel a little weird. Sort of goes along with what others have been saying about the left navigation. The nav bar on the right has too much contrast between text color and background color so it actually hurts your eyes and is hard to read. If you were to make the links left aligned instead of center in the side bar that would help a lot, and maybe some lighting effects with a lighter color to break up that block of solid blue.

    As for the colors, it feels way too dark to me. I like the gray on the left and I like blue, just not this dark. Viewing the old page and even the picture of it makes me feel happy but this one is dark. The warmer colors were better in my opinion, but these blues do make the site look more tech and pro…to an extent.

    If you were to make the right sidebar lighter or even a gray gradient it would help a lot IMO.


  5. I prefer the colours as you have now – more impact. But I also like the menus on the left – the dark background “cuts” my screen in half with lots of space to the right of it, which I think is what makes it so distracting. I’d also prefer to see the previous image back in the banner – it’s got much more detail than is visible now.

  6. I agree with people who says sidebar is still dark to read.
    The old one is still better. I suppose you have no intent to go back to the old site.
    Anyway, some little tweaking about dark colors and readability will be fine.

  7. I think its an improvement on the earlier new one but still not as good as the original.

    Its the dark blue sidebar I’m not keen on. It draws my eyes away from the main text (which after all is why I’m here) even when reading.

  8. The old one had a warmer feel to it. This one feels very polished and professional. Overall, I like the new one. Having the post text left-of-center works better for me on lower resolutions (I read a lot of blogs from my laptop, with a browser pane open). Keep this one, but maybe tweak it to feel a little more friendly and open.

    PS – I love the image down the left side. Nice touch.

  9. This looks much better than the one we saw earlier today. The only thing I don’t like right now is the sidebar. It simply contains way to many links. There has to be a simpler/better way of representing that.

  10. Thanks for the input folks! Great comments & suggestions. I’ll read them all very carefully.
    First things first: I modified the font & color. Does it look any better now?

    About the navigation… I’ll think about that.

  11. I quite enjoyed the last design, although the improvements to your new one aren’t bad. My only gripe is being a kind of “oldy” advocate of preferring the navigation on the left as opposed to the right.

    I also agree with the point about the previous colors being warmer. Either way, I like the improvements made to the new design.

  12. I think the links on the right menu could be a little brighter, they don’t stand out that great against the dark blue background unless I turn my monitor brightness up.

  13. I prefer the old site. It had a warmer tone, the menu was more clear (not so small too) and the image in the top worked well to catch interest – now, there’s one on the side which I find somewhat distracting and the top image looks less interesting than the one from the previous design.
    And I prefer menu’s to the left. :)

    So, there’s little for me to like about this redesign.

  14. Looking good. Better than the earlier … and nice colors. :)

    Well, back to work ;)

  15. Its a tough one, personally I’d be happy with either the old site or this new new one :) The banner fills up the otherwise bland space in the top header, however I still feel it isn’t as impressive as the original image that was more a part of the header than a banner.

    As the comment a few up from this suggests, perhaps try an abstract image in a blueish theme as a part of the background for the header. Even if its only just visible as been an image it might bring back the impressive feel of the first site whilst sticking with the blue colour scheme.

    I guess the problem would be that if you were to fade an image into the header, you may then have to lose the banner which would be a shame since the banner can be useful for pluggin yours/others projects. Might be worth a try though.

  16. Thanks Jams & Jeffool:
    …and how about now? I added my very own ‘secret project’ banner image on top.

    Sila Kayo: still worse?


  17. I previously voted for yellow being more indy, but to be honest… I think we have a winner. First off, it’s your site and you should decide how you want it to look, even if that means the previous layout (yay left-aligned!) But I do have to be honest in saying that the image really does add a lot to the site. And really, I’m a fan of monochromatic design, so, bonus points.

  18. Looking good, but i don’t like the blue gradient at the top – would be nicer to put some abstract image in there.

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