New GameProducer.net Visuals & Layout – Feedback Wanted

Introducing the new site visuals. I’ve modified the banner and added a system which will tell you the ‘next entry’. I’ve also changed the color from orange/yellow/brown to blue. I also added couple of more links… and did little tweaking here and there. Hope you like it.

For comparison, here’s the old site pic:

And here’s the new site pic:

Feedback: comments & criticism wanted!

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I just discovered your site so I can’t really compare with the old looks but I like it the way it is. cheers

  2. I think jeremyace and Gary Preston summed things up. The new layout looks good. The old layout simply looked better.

  3. I like the new site for the simple reason that the articles now take center stage. I might add that a little color contrast in the titles of the articles could help. Maybe a larger font and a complementary orange for article headers.

  4. I love this new look. Are you using WordPress?

  5. The new design is much better. It puts a lot more emphasis on the content, while with the old design the sidebar was kind of competing with it.

  6. I love the new site. Great choice of colourand layout. Modern, fresh and easy to read. Anyone who doesn’t think so is a heretic!

  7. Add another one for the old site :)

    I think I prefered the old mainly because of the artwork you had in the header made it stand out from the usual blog look that default installs come with. I do like the side bar picture, but the top header just feels bland after been used to the old site. However this could be a very biased opinion after seeing the old site for so long.

  8. old site: 11
    new site: 3
    neutral: 1

    Okay… thanks for your info & suggestions. I’m going to change the site layout bit more (let’s see if you like it after I center this… and add a nice picture). Hold on a sec… you can comment more soon.

  9. I agree that the yellow colors felt more ‘indy’ as we’re used to seeing blue as ‘sleek’ designs. And the old banner rocked. And I’m actually a fan of the left-alignment of this site. It allows me to have my DVD playing and a chat window off to the side without covering any content!

  10. I vote for the old site too.
    Having the text in the middle or the right side, and the menu bar on the left is much better in my opinion! People tend to focus on the center to the right side of a page. Especially since a lot of websites have their menu on the left.

  11. the new layout is fine, the dark color is not so nice, old warm color was better.

  12. I liked the old one better. The most important thing is that the text was at the center of the screen in 1280×1024 in the old one. Now it’s in the left side – leaving a lot of blank white space in the right side in this resolution.

  13. The old site was appealing to indies, now it looks like ‘for professionals’. And I prefer to be indie. I think that reflects my opinion

  14. Couple of people reported via MSN/email… so this makes the current count:
    old site: 4
    new site: 1
    (I didn’t vote)

    I ask more… and let’s see if everybody thinks that way… and then I might change it back ;)

  15. Must admit I preferred the old look and feel. It was easier to read. The new bolder colours draw my eyes away from the text.

  16. Looks nice, but to be totally honest, I prefer the color palette and general look and feel of the old site, especially with the top banner artwork. It looked more professional and thought out than it does now. The new design is too bland and simpe. Perhaps a greater range of colors and shades in the design would help. Just my opinion, and this site is about content anyway. Keep it up!

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