Sneak peek: More ‘Secret Game Project’ Concept Art and a Production Shot

New concept art
New concepts from the game artist Penguinx (take a look at his site, the art is just beautiful).

Looks darn good as usual. Note from Penguinx:

I’ve done some more character sketches too, and soon we can move on to a color scheme test and, then, the actual portraits.

So, more concepts coming soon.

Production shot
Now, here’s the first in-game shot. I cut some corners to make it bit more difficult to guess what game concept lies behind the rules. Here’s the shot.

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Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Twist: Heh, Don’t know that, but sounds exciting ;)

    @Payl: Samurai actually will get new apperance… we are about to add some colors to all concepts. You’d get a chance to see them all in color soon.

    @Arex: hah. That’s intentional. You go back to code some mesh rendering stuff. Hush! Hush! ;)

  2. Looks very nice, but there are some caps between tiles. :)

  3. Sort of reminds me of this old game I used to play as a kid. It was Milton Bradley’s Battle Masters. It had this 6 foot square map thing that you laid out on the floor and it was covered with six sided areas and you had these little fantasy figurines.

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