8+1 Ways to Annoy Players

There was a very useful post at TooNormal

Mike presented 8 +1 ways to annoy players:

1. Make sure your uninstaller is incomplete and broken.

2. Violate my quick-launch bar.

3. Use program groups/folders named after your company.

4. Release buggy un-tested games.

5. Force installations to the C: drive.

6. Self extracting archives make great installers.

7. Sh*t on my desktop.

8. Don’t test with non-standard or international keyboard layouts.

bonus: 9. Laptops don’t exist.

I can’t but agree.

12 thoughts on “8+1 Ways to Annoy Players

  1. I agree with those except for #3 in some cases: it’s good for some companies to do this. Mostly just companies that you’ll have a lot of games installed for, like Maxis (The Sims, SimCity, etc.) or Blizzard (even though they don’t do this, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for them with Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, WoW, etc.).

    Heh heh, good list though.

  2. [...] A condensed version of my previous post seemed to be making the rounds. It’s resulted in several interesting comments and additions from developers and gamers alike. I’ve decided to do your homework, and compile this list. Text in bold are the originals, with my comments in normal type. [...]

  3. Sorry for spamming, but the last sentence in my previous post did not appear correctly.
    I meant “Event big companies use the ‘Program FIles/company name/game name’ format

    He’s talking about the Start Menu. In the Start Menu, you should see a list of programs, not companies. For the Program Files directory you are correct, you are supposed to use your company name there.

  4. Sadly too many games do that. And when they do that, I mostly wish I’d be near that programmer of game and have brick to bash bit sanity on that head. Reason is that almost always fullscreen mode seem to mess my desktop, and I really REALLY really hate to tweak it back same as it were. Besides that, I prefer play in windowed mode so I can jump between programs.

    It does not take rocket scientist to ask simple question, fullscreen or windowed? when game first start, and use that as default unless user change it from game settings.

  5. I thought most games start in full screen mode. Then should have a windowed mode option and of course an exit game option.

  6. 11: Open Game in FULLSCREEN mode without giving me any choise to Open in window, or even CLOSE/EXIT instead. I don’t care what game/program does that, but if it does, I uninstall/remove it without even trying…

  7. 10: Resize and move all the previously opened windows to the upper-left corner of the screen after returning from full-screen mode.

  8. Sorry for spamming, but the last sentence in my previous post did not appear correctly.
    I meant “Event big companies use the ‘Program FIles/company name/game name’ format”

  9. I don’t agree with #3, what else can I use if not my company name?
    Event big companies use the Program files\\ format.

  10. Oh my gosh that is way way way too true. I especially agree with #5 since I’ve now got my OS installed on the H: drive in my computer and games trying to install on the C: drive drive me nuts!