The One Million Dollar Headline

Headlines are important. They either get your attention or not. The headline I use here, is to get your attention.

I made a small test when the Tribal Trouble sales stats went online. Previously I had made one sale stat post to one forum. The post had a headline like here:

Headline #1: “New Game Sales Stats at”

When announcing Tribal Trouble sales stats, I used this headline:

Headline #2: “$60,000 sales!”

Which one gets your attention? Headline #2 of course.

The post with headline #1 got only 2 replies, and fewer clicks to while headline #2 generated 15 replies in just a short period of time, not to mention about heavy more traffic received. Simply thinking how to present posts have a great effect – in this case it was the serious boost in traffic & interest.

Headlines matter. Whether they are blog posts, website headers, or press release headlines – you need to have attractive headlines to get people’s attention.

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