What Board Game Inspired ‘Secret Game Project’?

I received this email some time ago:

I’m writing a TBS similar to Reiner Knizia’s Samurai too but based in a comical fantasy world rather than Japanese. Its my first project so is taking a fair bit of time and I’m doing all the programming and graphics myself. If you fancy taking a look, you can find my blog at: www.whitespace.net.nz

Take a look at the site, his version of the Samurai game looked very good to me.

I must point out, that the ‘secret game project’ is NOT based on Knizia’s Samurai.

P.S. My lips are sealed for further guesses…

4 thoughts on “What Board Game Inspired ‘Secret Game Project’?

  1. @Sami & Dark Moon: my lips are sealed… ;)

  2. Concepts aren’t copyrightable, specific implementations are. I wouldn’t “clone” a board game but you’re pretty safe using one as inspiration. Making a game where you travel around buying property is fine, if you’re buying Boardwalk and Park Place while your avatar is a Shoe you’re getting into dangerous territory. :)

  3. Genius? :) I love Genius!!
    Just wondering, are you even allowed to ‘clone’ a board game, or are there copyright restrictions or something? I have no idea how close you can mimic an existing board game, without getting into trouble…

  4. Hmm, the Knizia reference has me curious now. LotR: Confrontation perhaps? Or Blue Moon? :)