How to Look Like a Professional

Here’s an easy way to look like a professional. There’s a simple trick that does all the difference.

Take a look at these comments:

hi ,my name is joe.i’m a professional game producer at our company.we strive to make innovative games rather than profits.

Look what happens when you put dots and commas in proper places, use spaces when needed and capitalize the first letters:

Hi, my name is Joe. I’m a professional game producer at our company. We strive to make innovative games rather than profits.

Can you see the difference? It’s that easy. Just put a little more effort on your writing, and you look more professional, and more reliable.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. “we strive to make innovative games rather than profits.”

    Ts… what is it that people don’t like about earning a living? :)

  2. @Mark: As I already emailed you:

    Uh, Actually – just bad grammar, like you can see in most of my texts ;)

    @Jake: Phew…

    Actually, after writing this blog for several months I’ve come into conclusion that people are quite tolerant for language. I know that if I’d write this blog without using capital letters, or spaces/dots… I might scare people away. Propably every single post here contains some errors, yet people still continue reading. I guess it’s not that crucial to have 100% perfect language skills, if the content is something that’s interesting for folks.

  3. One guy I know always spells professional with 2 Fs while exhorting his department to, “Be proffessional”.

    Hmm, my own grammer and punctuation are not too good. =/

  4. lol, but we can make allowances if we know the person doesn’t speak English as a native language. I don’t think I’d be able to write a blog in Finnish.

  5. “Just put a little more effort on your writing, and you start look more professional”

    Ahhh, what delicious irony… =;)

  6. I got a request to be an Affiliate through Plimus recently.

    It said: “Message from TruGamer World: i am going to sell you products”

    No you’re not, you’re going straight in the bin. I didn’t even look at their site…

  7. That’s for sure. Whenever I see a post on Gamedev.net, or anywhere, that suggests a poor handling of the English language (through grammatical laziness or spelling), I immediately begin to discount that person. IRC/chat is fine for that, but for e-mail, forum post, or anything that remotely requires a professional appearance, please employ correct usage of English.

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