Taking Paper Copies Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult

I learned one thing yesterday:Taking paper copies doesn’t need to be difficult
I got a new printer-scanner-copier machine (HP PSC 1410 to be exact) to replace the old printer that went broke. The new PSC was relatively inexpensive, about 80 euros, but the qualities surprised me:
– It’s much more silent than the old machine
– It’s much faster than than the old printer
– It’s much more easier & fun to use.

Previously, I had used a scanner-printer combination to get something copied. The process went like this:
1) Locate the scanner under several boxes of stuff
2) Tell dogs to go barking somewhere else while I’m playing with the scanner USB cable (if I happen to find it)
3) Turn computer ON
4) Yawn while Windows XP loads…
5) Put the paper to scanner and wait for a while for it to scan the data to computer
6) Wait until GIMP recovers from 8 errors during the opening of the file
7) Click ‘print’ in GIMP
8) Wait for a while until the printing is done, and find out that the printer couldn’t print such a light colors
9) Darken the scanned image, and print again
10) Say ‘okay… it’s missing some parts but it’s quite ok’ and be done

Now I do this:
1) Put the stuff in the PSC machine and click ‘colored copy’
2) Smile happily (and think about if I could have some more papers to copy)

I don’t even need to turn the computer ON, the machine does everything fast & easily.

I really recommend you to think about how to improve the quality of work. If the tools (computer, printer, scanner, phone, or whatever you use much) are good then it’s much easier, much faster and much more fun to work. Work doesn’t have to be (always) painful.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Ville: you are just too slow ;)

    @Penguinx: windows xp pro is my user interface

    @cap: lol

    @dark moon: sorry!? start calculating or I get angry ;)

  2. Juuso: I didn’t calculate the cost per paper, sorry :) I haven’t printed that much yet, mainly did scanning with it…

  3. True stuff. I used to have an old and tiresome scanner, taking a few minutes per scan and usually overbrighting my sketches. I recently bought a new one, 60 euro, but scanning goes so much faster, quality is so much better, that it’s indeed fun to scan. It’s easy now to draw a sketch, scan it, and send it to someone while you’re talking to that person… :)

  4. I tried improving my workspace by getting the black Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard. My coding speed dropped by some 75 percent for weeks while I learned to use the little bugger.

  5. Little bit off-topic: As this machine has been just couple of days in our house, any idea how much one paper costs to print? (B&W and colored versions?) Have you by any chance calculated that?

    But yeh – good tools… are good to have!

  6. I have the exact same model since a few months, and the ability to make copies has proven to be extremely useful! It has saved me a lot of time already, so another happy user here :)

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