Have One Computer-Free Day Every Week

The Sunday is the day when my computer is turned off – and stays that way. I have decided NOT to sit on computer on any Sunday. The Sunday is basically my day of rest and being 100% with the family. I might read a book, eat well or do something else. But no games, no Internet – no computer at all.

This has had the following effects:
– My motivation to work on the next week is much higher because I’m “eager to get to code/produce/develop”
– I can charge my batteries better by being very lazy on Sundays – I won’t work… I just rest.
– My productivity has NOT decreased – in fact, I don’t recall a single “I don’t feel like coding today” day since I started doing this (before this I had maybe once in month or two a day when I simply stared on the screen… doing nothing) – I work more concentrated & motivated and this compensates the shorter coding time (compared to coding also on Sundays)
– This has had a positive impact on family life: I have more time with my family. When your family relations are fine, the coding tastes much better.

Of course you can pick any day you want – or do the resting in some different way. But the bottom line is: resting is important. If you work too much, too long, without resting – something will break. Maybe it’s your computer… Maybe it’s your physical health. Maybe your mental health. Maybe your network of friends. Maybe it’s your nearest relationship. It may take time before something breaks – but eventually it will. And fixing (if even possible) it will take much more time than preparing for it before it happens. Work hard, but be sure to rest enough.

If you like coding one month 16 hours a day and then being one week totally lazy, fine – do what suits you best. Having one computer-free day every week works for me, but you can try anything that feels good to you. Just remember to rest or eventually something will break.

P.S. I wrote this entry at Friday and set the publish date for this Sunday. No need me to be here to write when I can be lazy on sofa… ;)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I agree – I recently started taking Sunday completely off – no computer, no worrying about work and just space and time to think, go for walks and generally relax. However the only way to justify taking the time off is by working really hard Monday-Saturday. If I don’t feel I’ve worked enough during the week then the complete day off is a bit of an anti-climax.

  2. Nice idea in theory. Sadly, I work a full time day job (in TV), which means the only times I get to code are early mornings, late nights and weekends. Sundays tend to be my most productive days…


  3. I agree, but Sunday is not good for me because I’m strangely more productive at that day. Making days off helps your motivation because then you have less time to make things. Less time = more motivation.

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