Don’t Plan Every Line of Code In Front of Your Computer

Don’t plan your code when you sit in front of your computer and watch your code. At least don’t plan every line of code in front of your computer if you think you are not progressing anywhere.Sometimes it’s better to plan your coding somewhere else, like on a walk, or at shower or in the kitchen. Write down the plans when possible. When you are happy with the plan, sit down and code the planned module.

I find it useful to plan far away from the computer… and when the plan is done – I can come to the computer and work the plan. Of course there’s changes, bug fixes and new ideas that come to my mind when I code. Then I can adjust the plan, and plan the code while I’m typing. But generally speaking, if I just stare at my code and get nowhere, I usually try to step away from the computer and plan far away from computer. And after the new plan is ready… I come back and type it.

For me it suits. Feel free to try it, you might be surprised how focusing either on planning or coding makes all the difference.


Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Well, I have to admit, most part of my code I plan … on the bathroom. When I get tired/stressed with somewhat, and when it is “bathroom time”, I take some blank notebook and plan there. This works since I started programming (I always worked at home) :)

  2. Agreed. Some of the best lines in Gibbage were written on the train when mulling over a problem. Or in the shower. Or in front of the TV.

    It’s amazing how refusal to drag yourself away from the monitor can actually harm your productivity…

  3. You should the the amount of paper work I generate for a section of code. Before I even started working on igLoader V2 I draw a nice little picture of the way the new igLoader works with iNet integration etc. I then write the key points on a white board and tick them off as I go. By working that way I generally finish projects ahead of time.

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