Texas Independent Game Conference (July 22 – 23)

Warren Spector (Ultima VI, Wing Commander Ultima Underworld 1 and 2, Ultima VII: Serpent Isle, System Shock, Wings of Glory, Bad Blood, Martian Dreams, Deus Ex etc.) and Greg Costikyan (Games * Design * Art * Culture) will keynote at Texas Independent Game Conference.

The mission of the Texas Independent Game Conference is simple – provide the forum where indie game developers can get together in a neutral environment and explore the things that really matter to them: like how do you start a studio? What are the best game markets for indie developers? What do people mean by indie developer anyway? How can you market my game effectively? What new tools are available? You can participate in a survey that asks what you want to see at the conference.

The list of companies involved is quite impressive: Bioware, Roxor Games, Aggressive Games, Public Games, Critical Mass Interactive, Breakaway Games, SecurePlay, GarageGames, Pulse Mobile Games, Skilljam, Octopi, Freeze Tag, Digital Convergence Initiative, Game Camp, Manifesto Games, Advanced Gaming, The Game Attorney and more.

There’s also a blog available about the event, so go on and participate in the discussion.

Little hint: They offer an earlybird registration for just $90, for those who register before July.

Juuso Hietalahti