How to Get People to Bookmark Your Site

The only way you can get people to bookmark your site is not telling them to bookmark your site. The only way to get people to bookmark your site is to give them valuable content – give them something interesting enough to read, see, hear and experience. Whether people bookmark your site or not is not in your hands. You can only offer them content they appreciate and hope for the best. It’s up to you to use links that say ‘bookmark this site’, but I bet that has little or no influence on the user’s decicion. It’s only couple of clicks from the bookmarks menu anyway to do.

4 thoughts on “How to Get People to Bookmark Your Site

  1. Juuso - Game Producer Post author

    Well… since I don’t have statistical data on this I cannot make final conclusions whether it helps, but I personally haven’t ever bookmarked a site by clicking “bookmark this site” link in a site.

    Perhaps it can remind some people, but I suppose telling about “RSS” feed is good since people are interested in this, but don’t know if your site has an RSS feed.

    …and as a reminder: here’s RSS feed :)

  2. Syd

    Hey, thanks for the information. I knew from before that people need a solid reason such as useful content to bookmark any site. But I still asked for them to bookmark my blog anyway. Maybe I would have to change my approach and refrain from asking(just provide the good content and keep quiet I guess).

    Thanks for bringing this to my notice.


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